2023 Passenger Ship for UAE-India Travel: Dh440 Fare and 200kg Baggage Limit.


The aim is to launch the service prior to the December school break, enabling expatriates to travel without incurring high expenses.

In a promising development, a passenger ship service linking the UAE and the Indian state of Kerala is on the horizon. The proposed service, with an estimated ticket price of approximately Dh442, aims to offer Indian expatriates a convenient and cost-effective means of travel. YA Rahim, President of the Indian Association Sharjah, envisions that this service will enable Indian expats to reach Kerala in approximately three days.

Rahim emphasizes the urgency of launching the service before the December school break to provide a viable alternative to expensive airline charges for expatriates traveling to their hometowns. Delegates from the Kerala government are scheduled to meet with central government ministers in India to discuss the project, with the hope of obtaining the necessary approval. The delegation is set to convene on September 24, and Rahim is optimistic about the project’s prospects. If approved, a trial run of the service could commence as early as November.

While this isn’t the first attempt to establish a passenger ship service for Keralites, previous efforts faced challenges that hindered their success. Here’s everything you need to know about this upcoming project that could transform the travel options for Indian expats.

Ticket Pricing: The cost of tickets for the upcoming passenger ship service will vary between Dh442 (approximately Rs10,000) and Dh663 (about Rs15,000), depending on the chosen travel duration. Expect higher prices during peak travel periods.

Key Features: This passenger ship offers a swift three-day journey between the UAE and India, accommodating up to 1,250 passengers simultaneously. Travelers are allowed up to 200kg of luggage. The ship is designed to provide a diverse array of food options and onboard entertainment to enhance the travel experience.

Destinations: The service is set to sail to two initial destinations: Kochi, one of Kerala’s prominent cities and a major Indian port, and Beypore, situated in Kozhikode on India’s southwestern coast. Notably, plans are in place for a third route to Vizhinjam, home to India’s first mega transshipment container terminal, slated for completion in December 2024.

Project Leadership: Spearheaded by the Sharjah Indian Association in collaboration with Ananthapuri Shipping and Logistics Private Limited, a private enterprise, and supported by the government of Kerala and the Non-Resident Keralites Affairs (NORKA) department, this ambitious project brings together multiple stakeholders to address the needs of non-resident Keralites.

Project Viability: With backing from prominent figures like Kerala’s port minister, Ahammad Devarkovil, who highlighted the financial burden on non-resident Keralites caused by high airline fares, the passenger ship service project is gaining momentum. The involvement of key stakeholders makes it increasingly likely that the project will materialize, providing an attractive and affordable travel option for the expatriate community.

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