Can I get on-arrival Indian visa?


A companion to Visa on appearance in India

Traveling to India has come decreasingly accessible for citizens of certain countries, thanks to the Visa on appearance(VOA) installation offered at select transnational airfields. With the VOA system, eligible trippers can apply for and gain their visa upon appearance in India, barring the need for apre-approved visa. In this blog post, we will explore the process and conditions for carrying a Visa on appearance in India.

Eligibility for Visa on appearance

Citizens of specific countries are eligible for the Visa on appearance installation in India. While the list of eligible countries may change, it generally includes nations similar as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, and numerous others. It’s judicious to check the sanctioned Indian government websites or communicate the Indian delegacy in your country to corroborate your eligibility.

operation Process

To apply for a Visa on appearance, trippers need to complete an online operation at least four days prior to their willed trip date. The operation requires uploading necessary documents similar as a valid passport, recent snap, and any special documents that may be applicable to the purpose of your visit, similar as business assignations or conference enrolments.

Payment of freights

During the online operation process, anon-refundable figure must be paid using the handed payment styles. The figure quantum may vary depending on the nation and duration of stay, so it’s important to review the sanctioned guidelines to insure accurate payment.

appearance and blessing

Upon appearance at one of the designated transnational airfields in India(Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, or Chennai), visa aspirants will have their biometric details captured. This generally involves characteristic and a facial recognition process. After biometric verification, the visa will be approved and stamped in the rubberneck’s passport, granting them authorization to enter and stay in India for the specified duration.

Duration of Visa on appearance

Visa on appearance is generally granted for a maximum period of 30 days, allowing callers to explore the different artistic, literal, and natural lodestones that India has to offer. still, citizens of South Korea enjoy an extended period of 60 days for their VOA.

Important Points to Consider

ensure that your passport has a minimal validity of six months from the date of appearance in India.

Carry published clones of your visa operation, payment damage, and any supporting documents to present upon appearance.

Familiarize yourself with original customs and regulations to insure a smooth and pleasurable stay in India.

It’s judicious to have a return or onward ticket, as well as evidence of sufficient finances to cover your stay.


The Visa on appearance installation in India has simplified the entry process for eligible trippers, furnishing them with lesser inflexibility and convenience. By following the online operation process, paying the needed freights, and fulfilling the necessary conditions, callers can gain their visa upon appearance and begin their disquisition of India’s rich artistic shade. Flash back to stay streamlined with the rearmost information and guidelines from sanctioned sources to make your trip a memorable bone.

The Visa on appearance installation in India is handed to citizens of colorful countries, including but not limited to

a) Australia

b) Brazil

c) Cambodia

d) Republic of Korea

e) Mauritius

f) Myanmar

g) New Zealand

h) Papua New Guinea

i) Niue Island

j) Micronesia

k) Laos

l) Kiribati

m) Kenya

n) Jordan

o) Japan

p) Indonesia

q) Israel

r) Cook Islands

s) Russia

t) Solomon Islands

u) USA

v) UAE

w) Ukraine

x) Thailand

y) Philippines

Please note that the list of eligible countries may be subject to change, so it’s always recommended to check the sanctioned Indian government websites or communicate the Indian delegacy in your country to corroborate your eligibility before making trip arrangements.

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